Culture Next Conference

Culture Next conference

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Culture Next is a network dedicated to mutual support and collaboration between European cities currently or formerly candidates for the title of European Capital of Culture. 

The Aveiro Conference was a turning point in the development of the Culture Next network.This is when and where the network met all former and current candidate cities interested in formally joining, from 2023 on, a collective project dedicated to strengthening ECoC-like programmes in Europe and to innovating in cooperation mechanisms between cities and cities, cities and organizations, and cities and artists.

The Aveiro Conference was designed as a networking and inspiration space for cultural managers and public representatives in 20 European cities. Culture Next met and connected with the New European Bauhaus network, with the newly established EIT for Culture & Creativity, with the MESOC consortium for measurement of the social impact of culture and with the Aveiro cultural community. They planned the next two years of Culture Next, discussed current projects and details of future membership, and set up their cultural policy working group.

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October 12-14, 2022
Aveiro, Portugal