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International Workshop - Societal Impacts of Culture: A transitional Perspective

Main events

The first MESOC Workshop will take place on-line on the 3rd and 4th of March 2021. MESOC partners will present the first outcomes of this Research and Innovation Action Project, designed to propose, test and validate an innovative and original approach to measuring the societal value and impacts of cultural policies and practices. The workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss with experts and stakeholders the role of culture in urban change, as well as methodological and operational approaches relevant for social impact assessment and evaluation.

The first day of the workshop, the 3rd of March, is open to the public and will be dedicated to an in-depth exploration of the different dimensions of transition enabled by cultural policies and activities within the three MESOC impact domains, i.e. 1) Health and Wellbeing, 2) Urban and Territorial Renovation and 3) People’s Engagement and Participation. International guests will introduce key concepts and approaches and provide further inputs to the validation of MESOC conceptual and analytical approach. In addition, three thematic round-tables will provide the chance to debate with key experts both theoretical and methodological challenges related to MESOC framework and tools.

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