AU platform

AU Culture platform


The AU Culture platform is a prototype tool that ​tries to measure the impact of a cultural event on individuals​. The format is an application that can be used on mobile phones or any other digital platform and that asks through a questionnaire what is the perception, on a scale of 1 to 10 of the cognitive, emotional, aesthetic and social impacts that a cultural event produces to an individual. The results obtained are contrasted with another group of questions that, through contingent valuation techniques (Cuccia, 2003), contrast coherence through the analysis of willingness to pay or willingness to be compensated. In addition, the platform collects other types of sociodemographic, motivational and cultural preferences data for frequent users. The platform is designed to generate a database that allows us to understand, at an aggregated level, how the degree of satisfaction in the participation in a cultural event is constructed, but also permit us to compare between cultural events or analyse the reactions for each specific segment of audiences.