Athens Garden Festival

Athens Garden Festival
People's engagement and participation
Survey-style laboratory

The Athens Garden Festival was an initiative that consisted of events organized in green spaces, parks and gardens within Athens. The events indicatively included workshops for children, yoga, pilates, music, theatre and dance performances, guided tours, treasure games etc. One of the spots of the Festival was the National Garden that is supervised by the Municipality of Athens.

Main results and impacts produced by the initiative on the selected MESOC crossover themes

The main impact is the free access to events in open green spaces, citizens’ engagement and participation of all age groups especially children.

Other relevant impacts

As an upscale impact of the Festival was the correlation of environmental awareness with culture and also the promotion of cultural innovation in terms of new areas where culture can take place.

Elements that contributed to the generation of these impacts

The impacts of Athens Garden Festival were a result of effective networking among different organizations in order to joint resources on the cultural activities that were included and also work on the wider aspect of promoting the idea of Athens as a "green" city.