Culture in the neighbourhoods
People's engagement and participation
Survey-style laboratory

The initiative "Culture in the NeighbourhoodsNeighborhoods'' consistsed of artists and other collaborating cultural bodies that presented their art in several municipal areas indoors at Serafeio Complex, Theotokopoulou House, Greek National Opera, NTUA, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, etc and outdoors in open public spaces and squares inviting residents and visitors (young, seniors, professionals) of the neighbourhoodneighborhood to take part in an interactive cultural program. This initiative was organized before COVID period and the plan was to be organized annually in diverse neighbourhoodsneighborhoods of the city of Athens, but the pandemic was a barrier.

It has been implemented by the Municipality of Athens and Athens Culture Net. 

Main results and impacts produced by the initiative on the selected MESOC crossover themes.

The main impact of "Culture in the NeighbourhoodsNeighborhoods" is to enhance the engagement of cultural institutions and organizations, smaller and larger, public and private, focusing on culture promotion within the city and at the same time to explore new ways of funding and using new marketing tools for networking. It also gives the opportunity to the citizens to be part of cultural events taking place just in their neighbourhoodneighborhood engaging at the same time new audiences.

Other relevant impacts

The advanced impact of "Culture in the NeighbourhoodNeighborhood" was the emergence of public space as a field of creative expression.

Elements that contributed to the generation of these impacts

Indicative elements that enhanced the impacts analysed above include:

  • Social aspect: the cohesion in society and the stimulation of creative expression and fostering cultural diversity was one of the main targets and crucial factors of this initiative.
  • Organizational aspects and artistic approach: the initiative highlighted participatory activity, art therapy, audience co-creation etc.
  • Business Model and organization: networking for financial support.