International Conference Culture in the post-pandemic period – a chance for growth and new opportunities

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The City of Rijeka and the University of Rijeka are organizing an International Conference “Culture in the post-pandemic period – a chance for growth and new opportunities”.

As one of the MESOC crossover themes of the New European Agenda for Culture is Urban and Territorial Renovation, Conference will be organised at two separate locations in Rijeka that were revitalized with the help of EU funds and within the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture program:

  • Day 1 of the Conference (Wednesday, 30th of November) will be held at The Children’s House, at Rikard Benčić cultural complex
  • Day 2 of the Conference (Thursday, 1st of December) will be held at The RiHub venue.

The event will be also available online.

During the Conference, we will tackle some contemporary issues connected with culture and present some of the results and planned activities of MESOC project partners. Within the Conference, 2 panel discussions will be organized:

1. “New and/or shared spaces in culture”, where we will hear international and regional testimonials about the topics of managing shared spaces in culture, participation, citizens’ involvement and democratization of culture. Additionally, we will hear first impressions from the Children’s House which is programmatically embodied by the following city institutions: the Rijeka City Library, the Rijeka City Puppet Theatre, Art Kino Croatia and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

2. “Traditional vs digital approach – different perspectives for culture”, where we will confront representatives from a digital and traditional approach to culture. We will try to answer the questions does culture needs a physical space and what the future holds. Additionally, we will hear how can MESOC University of Rijeka team help with that and how can we measure the societal dimension of Culture, as defined by one of the strategic objectives of the European Agenda.

Additionally, we will organize examples of good practices from the cities involved in the project. 

To join the event in person, please register via the following link.

Registration is not required if you follow the conference via live streaming through the Teams platform. In that case, it is enough to access the live broadcast by pressing the following links:

Link to the agenda.

November 30th and December 1st, 2022
Rijeka and online